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*** At the request of AORMA, OSCSC will observe 2nd week of Nov,2014 as Pending Claim Settlement Week at all District CSO Offices * Pl ref Oscsc Letter No.19994 Dt.30.10.14 and avail this first ever unique opportunity *** AORMA sincerely thank all the members for grand success of meeting on 29.10.14 * More than 130 members were present from about 29 districts *** We also thank Honourable Minister, Food Commissioner and Managing Director for giving a patient long hearing to AORMA and representatives of all districts ***
All Odisha Rice Millers Association
This website is developed for reference and use by esteemed Members of our Association and persons related to this industry. Useful informations are collected and compiled through various sources in good faith to keep our members updated. Unauthorized commercial uses of the contents are strictly prohibited.

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Oscsc No.19994 30.10.14 for observance of 2nd week of Nov,2014 as Pending Claim Settlement week in all CSO offices for payment of old claims (An unique Idea of Aorma). (posted on : 30-10-2014)
Fscw Letter No.17630 Dt.29.10.14 Implementation of CAP Storage of Paddy in KMS 2014-14 - Instructions thereof. (posted on : 29-10-2014)
Aorma Submission before Honorable Minister, FSCW Dept during meeting convened on New Food Policy on 29.10.14. (posted on : 29-10-2014)
Fscw Letter No.17351 Dt.25.10.14 Participation of Custom Millers in paddy procurement for KMS 2014-15 will not be allowed at any case at any level without 100 percent delivery of backlog CMR. (posted on : 27-10-2014)
Aorma Submissions before High Level Committee on restructuring of FCI Chaired by Sh. Shanta Kumar, MP and CMD,FCI at Kolkata on 27.10.14. (posted on : 27-10-2014)
Oscsc Letter No.19693 Dt.22.10.14 Requesting Aorma to attend meeting called by MD,Oscsc with Gunny Bales Transporters on weighment issue on 30.10.14 at 11.30 AM (An impact of Aorma). (posted on : 25-10-2014)
Aorma Letter Dt.24.10.14 to MD,Oscsc for early settlement of Insurance Claim of Sambalpur & other Millers. (posted on : 24-10-2014)
Fscw Letter No.17093 Dt.20.10.14 Proceeding of Review Meeting held on 14.10.14. (posted on : 21-10-2014)
Fscw Letter No.17061 Dt.20.10.14 Venue of meeting with millers changed from Khandagiri to Conf.Hall of OFMRDC at Satyanagar. (posted on : 21-10-2014)
Fscw Letter No.16960 Dt.17.10.14 Reg meeting convened by Honourable Fscw Minister on 29.10.14 at 3.30 PM. (posted on : 17-10-2014)
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